Exhibitions / and Collaborations
'42 Designers dress WONDERWOMAN', Paris

In celebration of the release of the movie Wonderwoman, Liya Kebede teams with Warner Bros. to host a charity auction of outfits created by 42 fashion designers to benefit the Lemlem Foundation for women in Africa.

'Fashion In Motion', V&A Museum

Fashion in Motion is a series of live catwalk events presented at the V&A. Featuring some of the greatest designers of our time, Fashion in Motion brings catwalk couture to a wider audience by modelling it against the beautiful backdrop of the Museum.

'ARRRGH, Monsters in Fashion', Exhibition, Athens

‘Monsters in Fashion’ showcases the first comprehensive investigation into the growing influence of today’s Character culture in Fashion. The exhibition includes international designers and artists questioning the endless transformations of the human figure, by wrapping the body, masking the face and distorting the human shape. 

'Barbie fetes ses 50 ans', Exhibition, Paris

For Barbie’s 50th anniversary, 50 international designers are asked to re-interpret her wardrobe creating a one of a kind accessory

International CRAFT BIENNALE, South Korea

The theme for the 2009 Biennale, ‘Outside The Box’, proposes that craft be considered or approached as a composite whole, rather than a series of fragmentary and contending disciplines. The practice of craft is intrinsically the intercommunion between mankind and the immensity of nature. This is a substantializing principle in which all arts and crafts were once unified.

'Desire is War', Exhibition, Romania

‘Desire is War’ presents a selection of contemporary works in text, video and sound from artists and musicians that consistently approached and examined queer topics, such as ‘desire’ that quite often ignites intense conflict, even ‘wars’.

'Cut on the Bias', Exhibition, London

'Cut on the Bias' deals with national identity and multiculturalism, but it also explores identity through status, gender, class and the body. The exhibition present garemnts that aim to question how we judge and perceive others through dress and outward display. 


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