Creative Direction / Paule Ka Presentation / Spring / Summer 2017

Spring/Summer 2017 

A walk through the heart of a Japanese fantasy comes to life in a crescendo of colour in the lush greenhouse of the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.  

This presentation, inspired by a trip to the Japanese island of Noashima, where colorful sculptures and minimal architecture emerge from nature, brings the visitor through a journey where dresses are like flowers and models are like birds in a tropical paradise. 

Floral prints mimick ikat techniques and opulent jacquards are cut back to front, exposing wild threads. Organza is overdyed and lavish embroideries are distributed like grapes next to light silk petals. The final silhouettes take inspiration from the gradient linings of antique kimonos. These delicate, hand dyed textiles are draped around invisible floating bodies filtering the sunlight, revealing a spectrum of multicoloured tones.   

  Photography by BUT SOU LAI  


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Made with ♡ by Ivan Moreale & Federico Liva