Creative Direction / Paule Ka Presentation / Autumn / Winter 2016

Autumn / Winter 2016-2017

For this first presentation, I imagined a journey through the house's Ateliers, recreated at the Palais de Tokyo with a live performance in four conversing spaces.

The journey starts in the pattern room, where the white canvas skeletons of the collection pieces are revealed in front of cutting tables and giant pattern blocks, to then continue in the sewing room and the fitting room, where faceted mirrors reflect the garments in the process of being assembled while the models rotate like dolls.

Finally, the guests step into the print room, where the process of colouration is highlighted by reflectors illuminating pleated panels of lace, used to extrapolate the floral motifs of the collection.

Photography by BUT SOU LAI


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Made with ♡ by Ivan Moreale & Federico Liva