Creative Direction / Paule Ka Presentation / Autumn / Winter 2017

Autumn / Winter 2017 

This collection is inspired by the first impression that Paris leaves on any visitor: a marvel of opulent architecture, where past and present live under the golden glow of chandeliers and streetlights.

Set Design: Andy Hillman

The collection references a study on French Costume and Textiles from the courts of Louis XIV to the exuberance of the Napoleon III era, where golden jaquards, Chantilly laces, lingerie, velvet and crinolines were first developed.

Set in the circular golden Balroom of the Grand Hotel de la Paix, and divided in 3 acts, the still-life performance juxtaposes the wealth of the past and the purity offered by a page yet to be written. 

Photography by BUT SOU LAI    


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Made with ♡ by Ivan Moreale & Federico Liva