Creative Direction / Paule Ka Campaigns / Spring / Summer 2017

Spring / Summer 2017

The inspiration for this Campaign is taken from the distinctive aesthetic of art director Eiko Ishioka in several scenes of the 1985 Japanese movie Mishima: A Tale of Four Chapters, where tall bamboo and fake stylised sunsets resemble the ornate landscapes of hand-dyed vintage kimonos. As Jake Hall writes on Dazed Digital :’This idea led to the recreation of a bamboo forest within the confines of a Kings’ Cross studio. Starring industry favourite Yumi Lambert, the resulting imagery combines a distinct blend of Japanese references with strong design sensibilities to stunning effect.’

Set Design: Vincent Olivieri
Make Up: Val Garland
Photography: Miles Aldridge
Art Direction: Graphic Thought Facility


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Made with ♡ by Ivan Moreale & Federico Liva